February Pet of the month - Coco 

cocoa Jessop 3Coco had a cough which had been on going for a few weeks and did not respond to initial medical treatment. She had also lost weight despite eating well, so she was admitted in for further investigations. Chest X-rays showed an abnormal area in her left lung. We immediately proceeded to assessing her bronchi with an endoscope (flexible camera), which showed blood in the left bronchus which was coming from the smaller, deeper airways. In order to assess further we performed a thorocoscopy (Keyhole exploration of the chest). A lung mass was found and biopsies identified the mass to be most likely benign.

Coco underwent further surgery where we removed the affected lung lobe. She has recovered well and is now back to her normal self. 

Take a look at the video below showing the endoscopic removal of the lung mass.

Warning this video contains surgical images.

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