Meet our March pet of the month Boris 

The lovely Boris, who is a five month old chocolate Labrador came to see us with signs of lethargy, and had been vomiting pieces of fabric. Xrays were then taken of his abdomen, which told a sorry story of greed and when we felt the hard lump in his intestines we knew that Boris had made some pretty poor choices. The sort of choices that would have resulted in prolonged surgery, a long wound with an equally long recovery and a lot of expense.

Luckily for Boris our trusty Gastro-scope was brought out to investigate, having only been used a week before to remove a tennis ball. The young puppy was immediately anaesthetised and prepared for the procedure. After descending past the stomach we could see that peeping out from the far end of the stomach was a red and black piece of fabric. The material was already a long way into his small intestine.

We then carefully fed a special instrument down the Gastro-scope; which was then used to grab the material. After a bit of manoeuvring and re-grasping we slowly but surely pulled the material from the small intestine, through the stomach and up through the oesophagus. The mysterious object then appeared in Boris’ mouth. Much to our surprise it was a very long black and red sock.

Boris was then woken up and after some rest he was able to go home for a late lunchtime meal and continued his day-to-day life, minus eating his human’s socks. No surgery! No Hospitalisation, No tears and a not so expensive bill (but insurance helps!!)

Boris is now recovering well and back to his normal greedy Labrador ways, but a strict sock protocol has now been enforced to prevent this mischievous puppy from eating one again!

Below is a picture of Boris and the offending sock

Boris HIll edit 1

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