What has our May Pet of the month been eating?

Eric is a typical 6 month old Labrador puppy, full of energy and loves his food.  When he became quiet, started to vomit and was refusing to eat, his owners knew there was something wrong.  Three months prior to this Eric had stolen a pastry brush from the dishwasher.  When he gave it back the rubber head was missing, not to be seen again until....

Eric's owners brought him to the practice for assessmentAs part of our investigations Eric was given some barium to drink.  This enabled us to see its passage from the stomach, through the intestines and into the rectum.  As can be seen in the x-ray below, the barium highlighted a very suspicious object in Eric's intestine.

Eric underwent major surgery to remove the rubber brush from his small intestine. He has now recovered fully from his operation and is back to being his normal happy self.

Eric edited

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