Meet March pet of the month - Bobby

Bobby is a handsome 12 and a half year old Border Collie, who has always been a bit of a bull in a china shop.  We had known for several years that Bobby had arthritis in his left shoulder and he was occasionally slightly lame and stiff.  In November things changed dramatically.  One morning he could not use his left front leg at all.  It was as though the shoulder had locked completely.  He was in extreme pain and the usual pain medications were not helping much.  The use of Arthramid was discussed and, in December, Bobby's shoulders were x-rayed to determine whether or not he was a suitable candidate for this new and innovative hydrogel implant.  The verdict was positive and a decision made to inject a tiny amount of Arthramid into both shoulders.  It would take time for the Arthramid to work so we continued with pain relief, gentle exercise and a very unhappy dog for a few weeks.  Then one morning in mid-January Bobby rushed to the door to greet a neighbour.  He seemed to almost surprise himself.  Over the next few days, he improved in leaps and bounds (literally), as he rebuilt his muscle strength, and by February he was tearing about the fields like his gleeful old self. In fact, he obviously thinks he is a young dog again!

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